photos by Sergio Gioberto and Marilena Noro

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Florent & Amberly
France & Australia
Canon 5D Mark III & Canon 6D

Florent, you’re from France, and Amberly, you’re from Australia. How did you both meet and why decide to travel together?

We met at work in Sydney, and still live here together. We soon realised that we shared the same passion for both photography and travel. Particularly of the landscape and nature variety. And have many more adventures planned in the near future.

Tumblr: @of-two-lands
Instagram: @oftwolands
Vimeo: @oftwolands

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Emmet Gowin, from his series ‘Petra’

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“‘For Each Our Roads of Winter’ is a first-person episodic exploration game in which you will uncover the secrets of a past that never was.”

Here’s a little contest, guess the geographical location of each of these factions and win yourself a 1x1 pixel unique snowflake ingame, in the snow patch of your choice! Guessing the background art used will net you a double sized snowflake.